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For Whom The Pendulum Swings

“Fascism is a Lie told by Bullies.” Ernest Hemingway “It ain’t over til it’s over.” Yogi Berra For whom the pendulum swings, be it right or be it left, be it short or be it long, be it right or … Continue reading

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2013 Travel Tips for the Social Activist

The red-breasted robins are singing in the backyard, the fruit trees are beginning to blossom, and I can actually sit in my yard with my cup of coffee, wearing only a T-shirt and not be freezing to death. These seasonal … Continue reading

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Bully Nation / Bully World

“From out of nowhere the smallest kid came. Nobody knew him, not even his name. These mean guys laughed and ripped the kid’s shirt but this little kid refused to be hurt. He stood and looked ’em straight in the … Continue reading

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