For Whom The Pendulum Swings

“Fascism is a Lie told by Bullies.”
Ernest Hemingway

“It ain’t over til it’s over.”
Yogi Berra

For whom the pendulum swings, be it right or be it left, be it short or be it long, be it right or be it wrong, it swings for thee… and thee… and thee. As history is my guide, this much I know.

Where on the pendulum of history, the purveyor of time, are we the American society? As a slice of our world’s humanity, the “melting pot” slice they say, which direction are we heading, a country once founded on proud principles not so long ago. Proud principles that feel foreign today in a country that seems hell bent on sliding into the fascist abyss.

During the past century and beyond, other countries have seen the pendulum swing toward their darker side of humanity; Spain under Franco and the earlier Inquisition period, South Africa under Apartheid, Italy under Mussolini and their more protracted Inquisition period, and of course we all remember that guy in Germany. Are we as American citizens immune from following such destructive human paths? Hardly, if we’re not careful to heed the warnings. Perhaps taken into historical perspective this is simply our time to slip into the darkness.

Fortunately, today, societies in Spain, Germany, Italy, and South Africa have learned some valuable lessons from their past mistakes and through my recent travels to Capetown, South Africa, southern Spain, and Sicily, I’ve happily observed cultures that honor quality of life conditions and promote harmonious living for all. Their pendulum now swings toward the compassionate, progressive direction. Remember life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? They’re getting it, and they’re acting upon it, as do Scandinavian countries whom have done so I might add without any blatant nightmarish societal lessons.

Am I disgruntled with our own discouraging trend? Of course, but always the optimist I have not given up hope. Since our last general election, I have noticed a few bright spots among the bleak American society landscape. Those most suppressed, most overlooked today have reached a breaking point and are courageously fighting back. I speak of the high school student movement against guns and the violence in our society. Enough Is Enough, they admirably say. Then there are their teachers, overworked and underpaid since the beginning of time, are also being outspoken, becoming a unified protest voice in numerous RED states including West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma and Kentucky. They are demanding higher wages, better working conditions, and a renewed respect for the education profession.

The Los Angeles service industry, comprised of predominantly immigrant workers, vulcanized into a strong union force, demanding higher wages, and with a newfound clout achieved great recent success. Hopefully teachers and students will be able to do the same.

Everyday people, you and I, strong individuals are taking on our fascist regime any way they can. To deal with the most recent horrific behavior by the Trump administration, the arrest and separation of children from their parents coming to the American border to seek asylum, several courageous individuals and groups have honorably stepped forward: protesters chastised Homeland Security director Kirstjen Nielson at ironically a Mexican restaurant in D.C. Other customers joined in to show their support of the protest.
Trump’s hardliner underling, Stephen Miller, the architect of this immigration fiasco, was heckled at a Mexican restaurant as well.
A Red Hen restaurant owner in Virginia, outside D.C. requested White House spokesperson Sara Huckabee and her entourage to leave her establishment. As she explained to Huckabee, “our restaurant has certain standards it has to uphold, such as honesty, compassion, and cooperation.”
News correspondent Chris Cuomo beautifully articulated his impassioned response and consternation to the way Fox News has distorted and misrepresented the facts in their coverage of the immigration tragedy.
Congresswoman Maxine Waters got on the megaphone and told a rally to get people protesting and peacefully harass any Trump cabinet member that supports his inhumane policies, wherever they are in public. Not surprising, corporate CFR Democrats and Republicans like Pelosi and McCain chastised Waters, each afraid of course to take any real defiant stance themselves against this administration.
Nationwide protests over this immigration policy continue while the movement to “Abolish ICE” is going (slightly) mainstream, with new support from Senator Gillibrand in New York as well as New York City’s mayor Blasio.
Meanwhile, First Lady of the White House and recent immigrant, Melania Trump, tries again to look concern over her husband’s border policies’ effect on the children, this time without her “Don’t Give A Shit” stylish jacket.

A positive indication of at least some Progressive Democrat headway against their own Corporate Democrat do-nothing wing was accomplished last week with the young progressive candidate Ocasio-Cortez’s victory against long term incumbent and third most powerful member of the Democratic Corporate party. His lack of tough response to Trump and his corporate pharmaceutical campaign contributions were noted as a negative for him by his constituents.

The battle within the war within. People fighting back for the soul of their country. Progressive Democrats fighting the Corporate Democrats, better known as fascist wolves in sheep clothing, you know… the Clintons.

Where are the new compassionate voices within the Democratic party? Are they Ocasio-Cortez from New York, Xochitl Torres Small, Democratic House candidate in eastern New Mexico, Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Sen. Kamala Harris (CA), Governor Jay Inslee (Wash), Gov. Martin O’ Malley (MD) or Sen. Jeff Merkley (Ore)?

On July Fourth, or more appropriately Independence Day, we celebrated our country’s origin and founding fathers’ defiance toward a tyrannical government and an oppressive corporate rule. Sound familiar? Are we experiencing de ja vu all over again?
I heard the news today oh boy and that day’s headlines carried more encouraging news:
First, another brave young woman, in a DC restaurant, with her 2-yr. old child in tow, confronted Trump Administration EPA administrator Scott Pruitt on his environmentally destructive policies and stated flatly he should resign.
Second, since progressive Ocasio-Ortez’s resounding victory, there has been a surge in campaign contributions and enthusiasm for all progressive candidates, Berniecrats, running for political office. These candidates are not just running against Republicans but also running against the corporate Democrats. Bernie Sanders and his growing Berniecrats network is taking hold, with those among the corporate elite Democrats taking notice, nervously.
Even arch nemesis Fox News’s headline took aim at not the usual foils of misdirection fodder… Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton … but a far more real threat to the entire corporate Democrat and Republican Establishment…. the growing empowerment of the Berniecrat Progressives, many of them first timers at seeking political office and people who had previously worked on Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Days later, does the pendulum’s swing fade as too often it does. No, the momentum continues to build. Only two days after the latest direct confrontation incident, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, under countless unethical charges yet still clinging to Trump’s favored son status, officially resigns. Speaking up against the bully directly is working! Trump hates when his underlings receive bad press. His ICE chief under strong direct criticism for his hardline handling of the border family separations, has also resigned. Trump hates the appearance of weakness yet has shown his own Achilles heel for capitulation. Keep up the good fight people! Screw the criticisms from the capitulating spineless corporate Democrats. Go Maxine Waters… go Berniecrats… go strong individuals fighting for what’s right!
These fascist thugs’ persistent tactics of inhumanity must stop. I smell fascist weakling blood and it smells sweet, like the sweet smell of success! Sure, it’s an unsavory metaphor, but I don’t care. Wait… there’s more. It’s the townspeople joining the Wild Hogs and driving out the Del Fuegos. It’s the Revenge of the Nerds, swaying victoriously in the bleachers to We Are the Champions My Friends. It’s John Belushi’s Bluto making his humorously misguided yet passionate plea for action. Or, how about Luke Skywalker standing up in defiance to the “dark side” swinging his neon K-Mart vibrating toy! There, now I’ve gotten your attention.

So, here we are, early July, the mid-term elections less than four months away. I’m getting siked just rereading what I’ve written. How about you? Remember, though, all this positive momentum, leading up to mid-term elections, only works if the majority of us get behind these “good person” candidates and elect them to office.

Will the women’s movement to elect more Democrat candidates at least serve the purpose to bring more compassionate voices in the House and Senate as well as swinging the House and Senate back to a Democratic majority? As a reminder, the majority of white women VOTED FOR Trump in this last presidential election, securing complete Republican control. Oh yes, it’s true. Time to make amends, ladies.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to discard that black mourning dress. A call to action is needed en masse if we’re to push that pendulum in the proper direction, for this upcoming election, and beyond. Going forward, we still have both individual and societal dysfunctional issues to work on, but we can do it… we must.

“Get up stand up! Stand up for your rights.”
Bob Marley

“I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture on somebody’s part. We’re just the guys to do it.”

Animal House gang

If you’re ready for some good evolution/revolution rousing music, here’s my Spotify playlist Social Justice Songs:

It feels good to return to writing on my blog. I hope you, dear reader, agree as well. Rock on!

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