As a friend of mine once said, “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your relatives”. The fornication bus stop relates to our first official destination to life in the human form. In the era of excessive psychoanalysis, too much importance as well as too much wasted time has been placed on our desire to please our parents when after all, they are just two very human, human beings, fragile and imperfect like the rest of us. At best, if we are lucky, one or both will provide us love, care and support. However reality and the law of averages suggest this is not always the case; which is fine. At least they provide the means to get you to your initial destination; the planet earth. You were ethereal…now you are whole. Your journey was a great cosmic ride. Inside your mother’s warm womb, you tossed and turned like a load of laundry and rose and evolved like a beautiful loaf of bread, all simultaneously. Finally, after nine months, the hydraulic system opened the doors with a loud whoosh and out you came, sleepy and bewildered, the way we all arrive at our first bus stop. No excess baggage to pick up either; a lesson to be learned for our future bus stops…travel light.

So, here’s the earth. Here’s my family…an extended family. Hopefully, my biological family is part of this family but if not, that’s cool too. Just remember to smile, shake their hands, thank them for the ride and set out contented for the open road.

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