Start…by saving your self.
Regain…what you have lost.
Renew…what you have forgotten.
Show yourself…and others…that you have choices.
Be inventive…take an idea and build on it.
Share…what you are learning and doing.
Pass it forward.
Be willing..to learn more…and better.
Be selective.
Make your daily life worthwhile.
Take joy in what you do.
Be a leaver…not a taker.
You don’t need new leaders representing old systems.
You only need…yourself.
You only need…others who are willing to grow and choose wisely.
This is a revolution…a positive one (i.e. WTO protest, globally)…with no leaders, only informed and willing individuals.

Bring people to what they really want, not more of what they don’t want.

Break with the enslavement of: competition, organized and man made religion, enforced and wasteful government, burdensome bureaucracy, hurtful and controlling institutions, hatred, fear, ignorance, dissipation, sameness, peer pressure hypocrisy, exploitation for profit and greed, materialistic over-consumption, “bigger, and more”.

There is no one right way to live.
Belong to the earth…it does not belong to you.
Live simply and wisely.
Turn the world to glass…making it possible for all men to more clearly see what exists.
As a poet…unlock man’s self-made chains, and invite men into a new liberating environment.

The real poet’s language, intellect, insight…are in flux. They flow. They are flexible. They are in motion. They change. They do not reach a point…then stop. They are in transit. The journey infinite. Evolve…into something remarkable.

“A Different Rhythm”

Start living a new and better life,
Continuing those aspects divine…
Create for yourself treasured moments
With thoughts for others entwined,
Including both man and the creatures
We meet or know from afar.
Preserve well your spirit for living…
Be remarkable as the individual you are!

    Adaa aholya,
    Diana Hunter

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