A Friendly Reality Check Reminder

Really people?! Here we are, one week after the first October debate, less than a month before the presidential election and some arrogant bullying phony named Mitt Romney suddenly declares he cares about the average American citizen and he “likes education!” and some folks now start trusting his word???

Well, since the president was too polite a gentleman to point out the obvious AND since apparently a fair amount of the American public couldn’t immediately recognize the obvious let me provide a friendly reality check reminder…

Here’s the real deal… Mitt Romney is a liar. What specific type of liar may be debatable; chronic liar, habitual liar, consummate liar, the net result is the same… Mitt lies, which means he can’t be trusted. Just ask Newt Gingrich who called him such at the primary debates. Romney’s a shapeshifter, a flip-flopper, a political chameleon who will say whatever he thinks will get the current people he’s trying to get to vote for him to believe him. Romney’s a liberal when he’s running for the Senate or the governorship in Massachusetts. He’s an ultraconservative when trying to win the Republican primary and now… shapeshift transformation again… he’s lying about being a moderate to win over Independent voters. He’s lying about his concern for the American middle class, a demographic of our society he never even mentioned during the Republican primary; only tax cuts for his wealthy friends has been ultra-conservative Mitt’s true mantra prior to the recent debate.

The real Mitt Romney is the arrogant country club elitist who behind closed doors with his equally arrogant millionaire/ billionaire cronies, very comfortably articulated his disdain for 47 percent of the American populace. Romney’s insulting freeloader reference to 47 percent of the American public was most ironic since most of the rich gentlemen in the room, including Romney, have benefited greatly from preferential government tax breaks, no-bid government contracts and the occasional taxpayer bailout and corporate welfare from hard-working Americans who subsidize their poorly managed companies. Could the real freeloaders, including Romney, be these same men at the closed door fund-raising meeting?

How about that recent phony attempt by Romney at the debate to pretend to care about America’s middle class and job creation? Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital under his tutelage helped initiate the outsourcing of American jobs overseas as well as buying companies, raiding their pension funds and gutting the companies for a quick turn of profit. Remember during the primary debates when Romney said he liked firing people. That was the real Romney. Vulture capitalism is Romney’s favorite form of capitalism. Just ask Rick Perry who called him on this subject at the primary debates. When Mitt Romney was asked what he thought about the Occupy Wall St. protest his first gut response was “he wanted to occupy the White House”.

During two presidential campaigns Romney has never advocated for any policy that would help the middle class. Romney’s primary goal is to avenge his father’s failed attempt at occupying the White House by occupying the White House himself. I’m sure he assumes it’s his divine privileged right, a viewpoint not too dissimilar to the Divine Right of Kings mentality.
Of course his other goal is to reward his one percenter cronies who are helping to put him in the White House. And of course, we the 99 per centers American public will be rewarded with nothing; only our pre-ordained peasant status. That is the real Mitt Romney’s vision for America.

Thus, for those of you out there in America land that are remotely considering voting for Romney and his Republican corporate elitist cronies, here is a collection of song and writings I hope will make you pause and reconsider: (song originally written after Dubya’s 2004 reelection…with the change of Mitt instead of Bush the lyrics still apply to the Romney and friends Republican Party agenda; some things never change.)

Yo farmers voting for Mitt
Bank foreclosures, urban sprawl takeovers
Land lost to republican agri-companies
Who receive taxpayer funds through farm subsidies
Yeah baby, lick the hand that slaps ya
Yeah baby, Lick The HAND

Yo religious zealots voting for Mitt
Relinquishing all freedoms to your false prophet
Would Jesus bomb the innocent
Sending your kids to die for war profits
Yeah baby, lick the hand that slaps ya
Yeah baby, Lick The Hand

Yo jingoists voting for Mitt
Powerless, penniless
Job outsourced, wife too big
Viagra doesn’t even twitch your twig
War’s a hard-on just for you
Raise it to the Massa whose screwin’ you
Yeah baby, lick the hand that slaps ya
Yeah baby, Lick The Hand

Yo middleamerica voting for Mitt
Wrought with fear from the latest bogeyman
Terrorist in the closet, terrorist under the bed
Can’t see the real ones in front of your head
Yeah baby, lick the hand that slaps ya
Yeah baby, Lick The HAND

Yo married couples voting for Mitt
Squeezed and squeezed by the corporate machine
Moral value hypocrisy at its extreme
Such obedient lemmings, you don’t need a push
Yeah baby, lick the hand that slaps ya
Yeah baby, Lick The HAND

Yo women voting for Mitt
Barefoot and pregnant backward mentality
This will be your new reality
No Planned Parenthood no more voice
Apparently misogynistic is your women’s choice
Yeah baby, Lick the hand that slaps ya
Yeah baby, Lick The HAND

Yo everybody voting for Mitt
Will you feel a sense of buyers’ remorse
You’ve opened the door for life to get worse
Ignorance is bliss or is it a curse
Yeah baby, lick the hand that slaps ya
Yeah baby…..LICK THE HAND


There’s frequent debate these days over existing political labels. For instance, what is a conservative? The encyclopedia definition for a conservative is: one favoring traditional views and values, tending to oppose change, traditional or restrained in style. Let’s review some of our conservative generations’ traditions and contributions over the course of our American history: Slavery, indentured servitude, Manifest Destiny, American Indian genocide, Ku Klux Klan, bigotry, sweat shops, child labor, class warfare, Social Darwinism, unsafe working conditions, foreclosure, war profiteering, union busting, internment camps, Joe McCarthy and the Red Scare, censorship, prudes, bad haircuts, conformity, a silent tolerance for domestic violence, environmental destruction, deforestation, nuclear waste, DDT, evangelical preachers, restrictions on civil liberties, gay bashing, gag orders, Enron, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Delay, job outsourcing, torture, and of course…dark suit and tie.
Gee, no wonder today’s Conservatives are so proud of their values!


We’ve seen the recent definition for a conservative. How about a liberal? The combined dictionary definitions for a liberal are: one willing to respect and accept behaviors or opinions different from one’s own; favoring individual liberty; democratic reforms and protection from arbitrary authority; free trade; is generous, tolerant, broadminded, not literal or strict.
Let’s review some of our liberal generations’ traditions and contributions over the course of our American history: child labor laws, the labor movement, women’s rights, civil rights, clean air and water standards, meat packing standards, workplace safety standards, workmen’s compensation, social security, 40 hour work week, Farmers HA loans, bank deposit insurance, union pensions, rural electrification, GI Bill, environmental protections, hippies, long hair, free speech advocacy, non-conformity, anti-globalization and anti-war movements, and, of course, tie-dye.
Where would we be without these true American values and contributions… a corporate world of indentured servitude no doubt.

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