“Integrity Is Doing What’s Right No Matter What The Cost”

(Anonymous pearls of wisdom discovered on a public parking lot restroom wall below Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa )

Wikipedia’s Integrity definition is also quite good. Here it is: “Integrity is the basing of one’s actions on an internally consistent framework of principles. Depth of principles and adherence of each level to the next are key determining factors. One is said to have integrity to the extent that everything one does and believes is based on the same core set of values. While those values may change, it is their consistency with each other and with the person’s actions that determine the person’s integrity.
The concept of integrity is directly linked to responsibility in that implementation spawning from principles is designed with a specific outcome in mind. When the action fails to achieve the desired effect, a change of principles is indicated. Accountability is achieved when a faulty principle is identified and changed to produce a more useful action.”


Amy Goodman—Democracy Now

Greg Palast– Seymour Hirsh–Helen Thomas– Naomi Klein

Randi Rhodes—Talk Radio Air America

Bill Moyers

Thom Hartmann—Talk Radio Air America

David Corn—Nation Magazine

Michael Ruppert—From The Wilderness

Bev Harris—

Christine Amanpour — CNN Christine Amanpour Reports

Update: Dylan Ratigan for MSNBC

Update: web site

Update: Andrew Sullivan—– Atlantic Monthly

Update: Rachel Maddow for MSNBC


Senator Bernie Sanders

Ralph Nader

Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Congressman Ron Paul

Former Congressman Mike Gravel

Congresswomen Barbara Lee & Cynthia McKinney

Congressman Henry Waxman

Congressman Russ Holt

Jim Hightower

Former Senator Paul Wellstone



Neil Young

Dixie Chicks

Eddie Vedder

Tracie Chapman

George Clooney

Sean Penn

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins


Studs Terkel — Kurt Vonnegut — Lillian Hellman

Rachel Carson — Edward Abbey — Arthur Miller

Ralph Waldo Emerson — George Orwell — Eduardo Galeano


Michael Moore — Robert Redford


Frank Capra — Billy Wilder


Scott Ritter — Ambassador Joe Wilson — Richard Clarke

Doris “Granny D” Haddock

Jon Lieberman—Former Wash. Bureau chief for Sinclair Broadcast Group

David Graham—Former Food & Drug Administration scientist

Jeffrey Wigand—Former tobacco executive who exposed Phillip Morris

Sherron Watkins—Former Enron employee who exposed Enron corporate corruption

Jane Akre & Steve Wilson—Tampa, Fla FOX news journalists who exposed corrupt journalism at FOX Television

Erin Brockovich

American Vets who served in Iraq speaking out against the war. Two organizations in particular…Operation Truth & Iraq Veterans Against The War

UPDATE: Henry Markopolos – SEC whistleblower

UPDATE: Christine Amanpour Report CNN presents Scream Bloody Murder. A courageous presentation on various genocide atrocities committed in recent times and the courageous souls who tried to tell the world but who’s cries fell on deaf U.S. and European governments’ ears.

UPDATE: Neil Barofsky – Obama Administration’s TARP Watchdog

UPDATE: Jeff Scahill, Nation magazine writer, uncovering Afghanistan fraud and lies

Some good web site links that discuss examples of integrity:
1. Seven Signs People with Integrity

2. Quotes about Integrity on

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