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Southeast Asia Travels – A Fractal Moment In Time

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot The Little Gidding As I was cycling within the mystical … Continue reading

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Postcards From The Ecuadorian Amazon

( Writings from my South America travels ) Over the course of my journey to the Ecuadorian Amazon, I manage to shed the layers of civilization with each transitional form of transportation: first the hectic Quito taxi ride, then the … Continue reading

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Postcard from The Top of The World – Mount Everest Trek – Nepal

(Writings from my Nepal / China Travels) “Is it not easy to be a wise man on top of a mountain”. W. Somerset Maugham —- from The Razor’s Edge My room was basic, quiet and achingly cold. Begrudgingly, I shuffled … Continue reading

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Postcards From Cambodia

(Writings from my recent Southeast Asia Travels, sometime in mid-March) Remember, when exploring Angkor Wat, it’s best to arrive at the crack of dawn. That’s the bewitching hour when the Khmer ancestral faces embedded in the temple rocks come alive! … Continue reading

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Travel Postcards – Camp Columbia

(Writing excerpt from my South America travels) What I did on my summer vacation…. Completing my sixth week exploring Camp Ecuador, I decided with one week left before returning back to the States to venture north to Columbia….Camp Columbia. An … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Report Card

The August political doldrums have arrived, Congress is in recess and President Obama, after having already given us six months presidential service, has gone on vacation. What better time to evaluate his job performance, catching the politicians off-guard. If CNN … Continue reading

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Postcards From Thailand

(Writings from my recent Southeast Asia travels) The tour to the Hill tribe villages began innocently. We started our journey in Chiang Mai, chauffeured in a nice a/c minibus, watching the city limits gradually fade into a serene countryside. We … Continue reading

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Postcards From Vietnam – Part II

( Writings from my recent Southeast Asia travels ) HIHO, HIHO, it’s down the Ho Chi Minh Trail I go! The journey south began on an overnight sleeper bus. Picture a train sleeper car, equipped with bunk beds, only inside … Continue reading

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Postcards From Vietnam

(Writings from my recent Southeast Asia travels) Cliche or no cliche, after such a wonderful day I had yesterday cycling through the countryside waving to hundreds of Vietnamese saying “HELLO!” I’m unabashedly ready to proclaim, nay, open the bedroom window … Continue reading

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…Thank you for stopping by. The Pecoskid is currently out of his cyber office. He has gone traveling. This time of year, in New Mexico, it is cold while in Southeast Asia, it is not. Need I say more. The … Continue reading

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