…Thank you for stopping by. The Pecoskid is currently out of his cyber office. He has gone traveling. This time of year, in New Mexico, it is cold while in Southeast Asia, it is not. Need I say more. The search for the endless summer continues.

I have left the keys to the country with President Obama so the country should be in good hands while I’m away.

Please feel free to follow my Southeast Asia travel adventures at my travel journal web site:

Besides my In My Opinion writings, please feel free to peruse other aspects of my blog including the Integrity section, and for a giggle, my Funnybone section, each located on the right-side of the site. I would love any and all feedback you have on these sections.

Also, please utilize this site as a resource facilitator to other fabulous sites located under my social / political links.

In the wake of the current global economic crisis, remember these sage words taught to me by a Thai Buddhist monk: Don’t sweat the petty stuff AND don’t pet the sweaty stuff!

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(Preferably before December 22nd, 2012)


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