The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Look closely my friend and you’ll find a quiet evolution taking place around the world. Shhh…while the lumbering, slumbering institutional giant sleeps…pass the word.

Maybe you felt a shift lately in the open dialogs you’ve been having with friends or even the passing stranger on the street. You may know someone who has dropped out of the rat race and started their own organic farm, obtained a license to practice Chinese medicine, or are striving toward self-sufficiency, disconnecting themselves from the institutional electrical grid by reconfiguring their house for solar power.

As a consumer you or your friends may be making purchasing decisions based on a criteria of whether a product is eco-friendly or has a fair trade practice seal of approval. You’ve even begun shopping at the new coop grocery store in your neighborhood rather than the national grocery chain.

Unlike a revolutionary movement, which utilizes charismatic leaders to motivate large populations, this evolutionary movement is individually motivated, driven by private personal choices that are having a subtle yet profound impact upon our societal structures.

The paths these courageous souls have chosen to achieve these goals vary yet their travels take them in the same direction: seeking quality of life improvements for themselves and others. Individuals are taking matters into their own hands.

These goals may sound basic yet the social dynamics necessary for successful implementation is radically different from today’s patriarchal dogma our societal institutions thrust upon us. Frustration has reached an apex for those who trusted their institutional leaders to represent their interests. Let’s face it…. the military industrial complex collusion fix is in and we’ve been abandoned, left out in the cold.

What’s the solution? Each of us consciously involved in this evolution is reaching a similar conclusion: that we don’t need our paternalistic societal institutions to govern our lives. It’s a concept our Founding Fathers wholeheartedly endorsed. It’s time to reassert our inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We, both individually, and as a collective extended global family, are saying in our actions that we can take care of ourselves very well, thank you very much!

In the pursuit of improved quality of life conditions, this growing segment of the population is downsizing their personal consumption habits as well as discovering a greater personal understanding of how their lives are interconnected with all other living things on this planet; how their lifestyles affect environmental and cultural balances. They’re nurturing themselves physically through better nutrition and increased exercise, and improving themselves mentally by exploring other philosophical or spiritual concepts such as those found in Buddhism or Taoism.
They’re becoming in tune to the harmonic hum.

These evolutionary changes are mainly occurring in the more affluent countries in North America and Europe as well as former British Commonwealth nations, primarily because the citizens in these countries are, in respect to mankind’s history, in an unprecedented sociological position. Since the Industrial Revolution these societies have advanced to a quality of life level where for most of us, our basic needs are basically covered, to such a level where we now have the luxury of choosing to live with less, finding less can mean more. We can choose to forsake the larger house, the bigger car, the insatiable unfulfillable appetite for more stuff, known as consumerism, and instead pursue more noble endeavors that provide us a greater sense of freedom, personal pride, and purpose in our lives.

We can start our own evolution with a simple smile to a stranger.

Lately I’ve been observing more people making the effort to engage in conversations with strangers, conversations which pertain to important real life issues. Through these healthy exchanges they’re becoming less afraid, less susceptible to peer pressure ridicule as they find solace in others who share their opinions and instinctive feelings; individuals willing to opening their eyes to the Truth.

A key benefit to strengthening ourselves as individuals is in the process by which we become less dependent on our government to solve our problems; less dependent on our church representative to help us discover our spiritual being.
People are redefining their own level of success and happiness rather than succumbing to the pressures societal dictates create.

This personal evolutionary process requires a considerable amount of effort to undo the multiple layers of misinformation we’ve been taught, however, the benefits and personal satisfaction achieved by such a personal spiritual journey far outweighs any discomforts.

One example is my buddy Ed. As a technical creator of commercials for corporate interests, Ed was amply rewarded monetarily. However, he felt a lack of personal fulfillment in his work, even a sense of guilt. Ed quit his lucrative job and found a financially more modest, yet personally more satisfying, position creating commercials for non profit organizations and third party integrity-oriented politicians. True, he had to modify his lifestyle expenditures. However, he discovered he could still live quite comfortably. He’s also much happier.

A large contributing component to this evolution is the increasing signs of altruistic behavior and a willingness to circumvent the system. Expanding upon the original altruistic concept of the Peace Corp., many new non-profit organizations are facilitating volunteer programs such as Doctors Without Borders, a program where doctors voluntarily contribute their time and skills to help those in need who otherwise would have no access or money for healthcare.

Other NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) may focus their attention on programs in developing countries such as Ecuador, programs that are designed for volunteer participation, working with environmental protection, child care and education issues.

Most of the inspirational young people I’ve met who have partaken in these programs actually spend their own money to participate in these programs.

Another altruistic example is the countless individuals who provide truthful free information on the Internet. I’m sure the powers that be didn’t expect the Internet to be used in this manner.

There are increasing examples of today’s new entrepreneurs applying humane approaches to the business model, such as profit without greed and the creation of sustainable living communities.

Many are successfully learning how to circumvent their government and big business obstacles in order to get these good deeds accomplished. Of course, a little help from other like-minded kindred spirits certainly doesn’t hurt.

Primarily for those in developing countries, where the institutional obstacles for an individual can be insurmountable, an organization named offers such help, utilizing a process known as micro-financing which bypasses the inequitable and painfully frustrating financial loan procedure that large banks require, by allowing individuals to loan these requested funds directly to these people in other countries; people helping people. Unsurprisingly, the loan default rate is zero percent.

And, to help assist folks overcome the financial burden of periodical advertising costs, a San Francisco couple started a web site called, a free service for people to advertise their property; no fee, only a promise to act courteously and not abuse the service.

A thoughtful supplier of course needs a thoughtful demander or consumer which is where individuals collectively thinking green, thinking organic, successfully fits into this equation. As consumers, we can apply the pressure on corporations and governments to convert their actions to meet our interests, or they’re out of business.

Naturally, soon after I had the idea for this essay, an exception to my original premise materialized, proving once again one should never say never. A nationally televised morning show broadcast a report on a truly evolutionary group. The group identifies themselves as Vidracco, a unique community who under the guidance of their founder Falco created the temple of Humankind some thirty years ago under the shadow of the Dolomites in northern Italy. Quietly, unobtrusively, this self-sufficient community defies conventional societal edicts. The placement of their temple thirty feet underground probably helped, a temple that appeared to be solely dedicated to love, art and all that is beautiful in the world.
Above ground are eco-friendly living quarters and surrounding country grounds, a community where human kindness, music, art and communing with nature is taught and promoted.

The gentleman named Falco was formerly an insurance broker, an obvious evolutionary vocational and personal transformation for him. I say this from experience, having been a former financial analyst for a defense contract corporation.

My naturally questioning, somewhat skeptical mind thinks perhaps corporate minds only authorized this televised coverage because they concluded this community would be considered too unique, too different for others to replicate, much less challenge the existing societal norm that institutions vigorously promote.

So, like I said, while the institutional giant sleeps, pass the word, for the real evolution is coming….

*(Obviously there is much more coverage that can be given to this subject. This article will serve as a general introduction to this fascinating topic with future installments addressing different aspects of this evolution in greater detail.)

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  1. Robin Easton says:

    This is wild. You are the second person in the last two minutes who mentioned KIVA. I planned to mention it on my site today after reading about it on the first person’s site, and then I came here and saw that you had. Wonderful! I will help spread the word.

    I really like this post beause it lends power to people who are working to bring positive change into the world. All we usually hear are the negative things and this gives a more balanced picture. And yes!!!!…the evolution has begun. I also feel it and know it. Oh, this is exciting what you wrote here, and very well written as usual.

    Thank you for being such a positive force in the world. Your voive is more powerful than you may realize.

  2. stugod says:


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