And so begins our journey toward the truth

And so begins our journey toward the truth…

WELCOME to our extended cyber family!!!

To set the stage properly, I should provide some background as to who and what I’m all about. Well, here’s a start:

I believe in the US Constitution and the doctrine of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness.

I believe in the Boy Scout law, with the exception to the inference that a good citizen must give blind obedience to their government.

I believe in love, integrity, honesty, humility, and a good sense of humor, for when you look at mankind, sometimes you just have to laugh.

I believe in sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll; just act responsibly (while playing your guitar, of course).

I believe in long, passionate kisses.

I believe in the greater goodness of people to behave like decent human beings. In fact, I support the formation of a third party that calls themselves the Decent Human Being Party. I believe people must also recognize and take the appropriate action toward those individuals who demonstrate harmful, sociopathic behaviors against others.

I support better communications with, and developing greater understanding for, our global community since we’re all in this Big Blue Marble together.

I believe in the ability of all of us to become strong-minded, independent individuals, who collectively, can denounce the need for paternalistic leaders as our saviors.

I believe in questioning authority; respect should be earned, not given.

I believe in questioning institutions’ motivations toward the individual.

I believe in the hard-working, generous, unsung heroes.

I believe in the Davids who take on the Goliaths.

I believe in the creative, hopeful spirit inside all of us.

In step with Teddy Roosevelt, I support greater governmental checks and balances on the abuses of Capitalism.

I support punishing the thieves who exist at all levels of our society.

I believe in the separation of church, state, and the rest of the military industrial complex.

I believe in Leaving a Good Mark…and the delicate balance of life; yin, yang, and karma, too.

I support the advancement of homeopathic remedies, alternative energy sources and the preservation of our precious finite natural environment for future generations and us.

And last for now, I believe moist towelettes to be one of the greatest contributions to a civilized society. They’re really refreshing after a satisfying meal !

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